June 2011 Kids Camp


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During the summer of 2011, right before my senior year began, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Haiti with eleven of my friends from school through the Haiti Endowment Fund.  After first hearing about the trip, I was so interested because I was at the point where I wanted to grow deeper in my faith by serving God, and I was wondering what the next step would be.  I had heard so many wonderful things from people who had been on mission trips, especially those who had gone to Haiti through HEF.  When I found out I could be a part of the group going this year, I was so excited to be a part of such an amazing trip and was looking forward to seeing what God would accomplish through me and how he would grow me spiritually.  Needless to say, I left for Haiti with very high expectations, but I am so glad I can say that I was actually blessed even more than I had expected.

The summer trip to Haiti has been the most amazing experience of my life so far.  For a whole week, I lived purposefully through playing with the children, leading a Vacation Bible School, worshiping, being in fellowship with other believers, group discussions, prayer, and quiet time.  It was so amazing being away from all the distractions of my normal routine and daily life.  I have never felt so filled up, and it was because I was living the way God intends us to, in fellowship with other Christians, constantly praising and serving Him.  Serving in Haiti taught me how to live completely for the Lord and showed me how much He blesses in return.  Even with the very few hours I slept each night, God gave me energy to run around in the hot, humid weather and worship and be around the kids and my friends.

A few things really stuck out to me from the trip.  For example, one of the boys in my group wanted to play frisbee, all day, every day.  He was so content just throwing a frisbee all day, and it made me think of how most kids in America are, spoiled and discontented.  I know when I would get a toy like a frisbee as a kid, I would play with it a couple times and then get bored.  It amazed me how content the children in Haiti were with simply playing and being around us.  Also, the way they worshiped was so inspiring.  The Haitian Christians were all so loud, passionate, and full of joy compared to many people in our churches who just mutter the lyrics, not really thinking about what they mean.  And finally, the conversations I had with my peers down in Haiti were at a deeper level than I had ever experienced before.  It was so neat to share such an amazing experience with my friends and to be able to share about it, to grow closer, and to see how the trip affected each one of us.  I am so thankful for the Haiti Endowment Fund because this trip provided me with such an unforgettable, life changing experience.

Brent Yerkes

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