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The Women to Women Conference is held every summer, hosted on the HEF compound. It is a special time for the women from the village churches to come together for a time of refreshment in God’s Word and fellowship.

The women arrive at the compound on Saturday and stay overnight in dorm-style buildings. We have a team of women from the U.S. who come to assist in hosting the 4-night retreat. We bring crafts, clothes, gifts, and open hearts to share God’s Word with our Haitian sisters.

It is the most amazing, God-blessed, anointed week of my entire life! I can hardly wait year after year to participate in this conference! It is a humbling experience to wake up every morning listening to the women singing, praising Jesus! They wake up singing and go to bed singing!

This summer our theme was “How Does Your Garden Grow?” Our team of fifteen women helped coordinate crafts, skits, gifts, manicures, and teaching sessions on growing in God!

One afternoon our team also had the opportunity to visit an orphanage in Hinche. So many babies, toddlers and many children who were desperate to be held, rocked, fed and loved overwhelmed us.

The tears flowed as our hearts were broken for these little ones who have either been abandoned, are malnourished, or sick.
Cindy Bither

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