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I was blessed beyond words to take part in the recent “Youngs” Conference with HEF. I’d heard so many great things about the ministry over the years, and being there only confirmed all that I’d heard. This was the first of what I know will be many conferences for an under-reached age group (roughly 15-21) in Haiti.

aug-2013-team-photoThe conference theme – “Only One Life” – had a huge impact on the 300+ youngs that poured into the HEF compound for the week. The large majority of these young people never graduate high school, and those that do have a 90% national unemployment rate weighing down any hope they might have for a better future. For many of these, life has already passed them by. What a privilege it was to remind them that our hope is not found in national statistics; it is found in Jesus Christ!

I look forward to next year’s conference and to deepening the partnership between our church and HEF. It’s a joy to work alongside a ministry that is not only changing lives in the name of Jesus, but is changing an entire country for His glory!

– Ryan Sharp