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I have been going to Haiti with Dr Combs and HEF for over fourteen years and this last medical trip in November was the most productive spiritually, economically and medically. God laid the foundation thirty years ago for the Bither’s to build on and the fruits of their labors have produced things that I never thought I would see in Haiti.

2013-medical-evangelismGod really had a wonderful plan for this medical group in November by giving us the tools and the heart to really witness to the Haitians more than ever before. My wife Bonnie and several others were able to use a CD player and a picture chart to tell ” The Good News” to the Haitian people. The player was in Creole and told the story of Jesus and how he died for our sins. Over 150 children, young adults and adults accepted Christ. It was very obvious that God wanted this group to share Jesus with his people and everyday I heard stories of this happening.

2013-fish-harvestWe also saw the first fish harvest. It was really great to see the excitement in the Haitians as they scooped up the fish from the nets and put them into coolers to take to the market that same day. It was such a blessing for the Haitians and for us knowing God was in charge and blessing these people.

Medically, we all experienced Gods’, love through us, for the people of Haiti. Over several hundred pairs of glasses were given out on this trip and a whole lot of teeth were pulled. Dr Wei and James did most the work but several others on the team jumped in and helped. If you ever come to Haiti and think ” what can I do? ” we will always put you to work pulling teeth.

The rest of the doctors, nurses and helpers were busy all week not only giving out medicines etc. but sharing with the patients the” Good News” of Jesus. Dr Combs challenged us to pray with the people on this trip and I saw our team doing this all week. What a blessing for the Haitians and everyone on this November trip. Thank-you again Lord for allowing us to go on these trips and do your work!

Dr Pat Utnehmer