Q: Are donations to the Haiti Endowment Fund tax deductible?
A: Yes, Haiti Endowment is a 501C3 tax-deductible foundation.

Q: Does the donation I send really reach the needy people of Haiti?
A: Yes, 96% of each dollar raised goes straight to providing Haitians with food, clean water, schools, clothes, churches and medical care.

Q: With all the web sites about Haiti, is there a lot of relief aid pouring into Central Haiti?
A: No, almost all of the villages we reach have no other source of help. We are just scratching the surface of a desperate situation.

Feeding Program

Q: How much does it cost to provide each meal?
A: Approximately fifteen cents a meal. As of October 2010 the World Food Program (WFP) has partnered with us in providing a portion of the food for our feeding program. HEF still incurs several thousand dollars a month for labor/cooks, transportation, storage, and management of this program.

Q: How many children are being feed each school day?
A: Currently, we are providing a hot meal to 3,700 children each school day. As of October 2010, we are now providing a take-home portion of food (3-person portion) for each student-family daily – approximately 14,000 meals a day.

Well Drilling

Q: How much does a water well cost?
A: The cost of a new well is $6,000 – $8,000. Many factors effect that cost.

Q: How many people are served by each well?
A: An average of 500-1,000 people.

Agriculture Projects

Q: What is the goal of the HEF agriculture project?
A: Our main goal is to teach Haitians to grow sustainable village gardens.

Q: How do you teach the Haitians to grow these gardens?
A: We have two-day workshops at the HEF compound. We then launch and oversee the village garden.

Medical Ministry

Q: What does a typical medical team do?
A: Our medical teams consist of doctors, dentists, RN’s and support staff. These teams go several times a year for clinics, mostly in remote village areas. Our medical personnel will treat 2,000-3,000 patients in a 7-day trip.

Q: What positive effects have you seen from your medical ministry?
A: Our doctors and staff have reported a substantial improvement in the overall health of men, women and children in the village areas we have visited over the years. (We estimate that the HEF clinics have treated over 12,000 Haitians in the past year)

School Projects

Q: How many schools does HEF support?
A: We support thirteen schools, mostly in remote villages

Q: How many students attend these schools?
A: About 3,700 students

Q: What does HEF provide for these schools?
A: A school building, assists with teacher pay, teaching training, school supplies, and a daily hot meal for the students.

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