Aquaculture Projects

When we look at some of the challenges in the villages of the upper plateau region of Haiti, we see a few things that we believe could be fixed with some of the aquaculture projects that we are working on.  The lack of employment in these villages presents the obvious problem of lack of food, especially a protein source.  We are beginning some projects in aquaculture to try to introduce fish as a regular protein source. We are exploring how farming fish could provide jobs and also provide more nutritious meals.

Compound Pond

Compound PondWe are experimenting with farming tilapia in a small pond that we have on the compound in Hinche. The pond is about 30′ x 50′ and has been hand dug. It is replenished from well water and holds hundreds, if not thousands of fish. This pond was started in March of 2011. We are trying to learn about the process of farming the fish, and if this is a concept that we can duplicate in the more remote villages.

As a part of this experiment, we are also using the fish emulsion as a fertilizer for the plants in the garden.  With the nitrogen depleted soils, we believe the waste becomes a helpful byproduct to help grow healthy vegetables and is no longer a waste, but a resource.

Off-Compound Lake

LakeUsing the natural topography, lakes like this one behind our compound collect rainwater. We are involved in developing the agriculture potential and the use of the lake to grow tilapia.