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As reported in an earlier newsletter, the ¼ acre garden at Ravine Cave was successful, producing 288 large and healthy cabbages to the church and school community.  HEF continues to work with the church and school leadership developing agricultural principles, soil management, and leadership skills that will benefit the garden and people of Ravine Cave.

Following God’s principle of multiplication, five families who demonstrated tithing principles by working in the church garden faithfully, were chosen for the development of a family garden at their home.  HEF supplied the fencing, irrigation supplies, seed, and technical help.  The families of Ravine Cave supplied the labor in ‘combit’.  Combit in Haiti means to come together in shared labor.  All five families worked in each family garden until all five gardens were completed.  This labor occurred during the rainy season making the work very difficult but combit prevailed and God blessed our work.

Pictures show the beautiful cabbage produced and the various family gardens being constructed.

Image Gallery

Meeting with farmers to discuss ideasPreapring the groundRows starting to take shape
Team effortKim teachingReady for seeds
Installing FenceGarden Row ConstructionCombit Laboring Together

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