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Our medical team arrived at the compound just in time to join the women’s conference in their final afternoon and evening of worship and celebration. What a sight to see the hundreds of women worshiping our Lord together in song and dance. Our team of 14 held clinics for the women before they left to their homes.

Throughout the week, we drove on the bumpy rutted dirt roads out to the villages of Raven Cave, Laboc, Maralette and Papaye to care for the medical needs of the people. Our role is to show tangible love to the people in the name of Jesus and to support the pastors and churches that have been built and supported by HEF.

We saw thousands of patients from babies to the elderly and our hearts were touched. The college and nursing students loved to surprise the children along the roads in the countryside with a piece of candy and see their faces light up. We also visited an orphanage in Hinche to help establish a relationship where we can help to love these children and hopefully hold clinics there to care for the many many children they have in their care. They hugged us so hard that we could literally feel their desperate need for love. What a mixture of joy and sadness.

We also visited an evening Bible Study at Pastor Iliobert’s church in Hinche and were treated to a concert at the compound by Pastor David’s church band. The leader of the band, Jacob, had almost died from a huge football-sized tumor on his jaw about 10 years ago. HEF helped to provide his surgery in the US and how great it was to see him now ministering to the young people in the band.

Dr. Combs brought a beautiful 2 year old girl with 2 club feet with us to Port au Prince as we headed home. He brought her to the hospital there to see Dr. Scott Nelson for evaluation. When Dr. Nelson told the mother that her daughter would be walking or even running in 3 months, she was overwhelmed with joy. Her daughter had never taken a step to this day. What a great way to end our trip! We were all humbled and blessed by this time in Haiti. We pray that God will keep our hearts in the same frame of mind as we jump back in to our lives here in America.

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