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2012 Women's ConferenceThe Women to Women Conference is held every summer, hosted on the HEF compound. It is a special time for the women from the village churches to come together for a time of refreshment in God’s Word and fellowship.

The women arrive at the compound on Saturday and stay overnight in dorm-style buildings. We have a team of women from the U.S. who come to assist in hosting the 4-night retreat. We bring crafts, clothes, gifts, and open hearts to share God’s Word with our Haitian sisters.

2012 Women's ConferenceIt is the most amazing, God-blessed, anointed week of my entire life! I can hardly wait year after year to participate in this conference! It is a humbling experience to wake up every morning listening to the women singing, praising Jesus! They wake up singing and go to bed singing!

This summer our conference theme was “God Said Go” based on the book of Jonah. Some of our teaching topics were, “God Said Go, Jonah Said No!”, “Jonah’s Sin Rocks the Boat”, and “God’s Relentless Pursuit”. We had 2 break-out sessions where we taught on prayer and then the women all joined back together for a time of corporate prayer. It was an amazing and anointed time of worship and prayer!

In addition to our teaching and worship sessions we had crafts, a “spa day” with manicures for all the Haitian women, a boutique, and our last-night-finale Talent Show!!

Haiti Endowment was also blessed to host a team from YWAM’s JUSTICE WATER project. The YWAMers generously donated the materials and built water catchment tank in the village of Laby.

2012 Women's ConferenceIt was another year of seeing firsthand God’s faithful and abundant provision. We are always so grateful to those who come alongside with donations of clothing, toiletries, craft supplies, etc. Thank you to those who donated your time by sewing, shopping and coordinating and packing. I appreciate the many helping hands and the many willing hearts to serve! MESI AMPIL!!

“For I know that You are a gracious and merciful God, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness…” Jonah 4:2

Cindy Bither

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