Pastor’s Conference

I have the privilege of overseeing the Pastors Conferences. We normally get about 25-30 participants. These are made up of pastors from Haiti Endowment Fund’s sixteen church plants in the upper plateau region. Each pastor usually brings one of their deacons with them to the conference. They normally run 3 days, and we’ve covered topics like: the Fruit in the Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, End Times, The book of Timothy, The book of Philippians, Turning Mourning into Dancing (dealing with grief/post earthquake), and many others.

My favorite part is after each session when I open the discussion to Q&A. I do this to make sure I was clear in my teaching and they grasped the concepts and ideas. They come up with such wonderful and well thought through questions on the topics.

I’m so proud of each of these men of God and how they’ve grown in the last 15 years. It is truly an honor to work with them. I feel my role is Partnering instead of Parenting. We are learning together, and my prayer is to learn even more from each of these devout men.

Brian Bell
Pastor Calvary Chapel Murrieta
Board of Directors