Haiti Earthquake


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A few days ago 23 from H.E.F. medical group, returned home to U.S. from Haiti. Hundreds and hundreds of people were seen and treated by our medical team. This is truly the most sad situation we have ever seen in our 23 years of service in Haiti. Many people are just trying every day to stay alive. Thousands and thousand of people are in complete bewilderment.

This is the Christians churches greatest hour of opportunity! We have rotated teams of medical personal in and out of Haiti for many weeks, ministering to the sick and needy as they came to our compound clinic. Also visiting the tent cities and taking supplies to them. It was an exciting time as the team joined hands together with the Haitians praising God for His faithfulness and that they were still alive. The Doctors, Nurses and all of the team performed admirably from early morning until at times to after mid-night. The needs for Haiti will continue to abound for many more months and even years to come. H.E.F. plans to be there as God’s servants just as we have been in the past.

Since the quake, H.E.F. has given food and clothes to transient coming to Hinche and to any local families in need. We have only missed feeding our 3000 school children a daily meal for 5 days. God has supplied the food and we are feeding our children again each school day. All of our Maranatha churches are experiencing great growth as Haitians are accepting Christ. A new church building is now being built in
Los Pollis. Hopefully we will be able to use it by Sept. God has helped us to start 13 Christian day schools.
10 of these are made mostly made out of palm branches. I am believing that God will give us 5 or 6 more sponsors for new school buildings this year. Please pray with us concerning this great need.

Haiti’s earthquake problems are so great that it will be years before they get even part way back from all the
damage done. God has put H.E.F. in a very strategic position and prepared us to reap a harvest of souls
as never before. “All nations whom you have made shall come and worship before you, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name. For You are great, and do wondrous things; YOU ALONE ARE GOD.”

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