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Our team made it home safely so now we would like to share an update from the trip. When we arrived we were greeted with the usual smiling faces of the Haitian people, in spite of their incredibly difficult circumstances. We had a team of 23 people for medical clinics, agriculture/gardening projects and those individuals who helped out wherever called to serve,(including Harold and Natalie, 82 and 83 years old!). All were committed to seeing what God would have in store and we weren’t’ disappointed.

Kim kicked off our first garden/training classes with a group of men from our Raven Cave church and many other interested local individuals. These men seem to be all fired up and excited about the potential for their gardens! Kim said one of the men told her that he didn’t realize until now that the Bible taught so many lessons and teachings related to gardening. He went away excited about learning more about God’s word and applying it every day.

Dr. Combs and our doctors from New York headed up clinics at the compound, Cercady, Savanette, Terra Casse, Marantha Hinche, Cerca la source and Andra, They saw in excess of 500 patients each day. God gave us traveling mercies on the road as we traveled as far away from the compound as 3 hours one way to get to one of our churches with full loads of medical gear on the back of our trucks. This is the first time since the earthquake we have felt fully comfortable enough to attempt this without some sort of escort due to security concerns. Our medical team worked from sun up to sun down, busy all day with the clinics and coming back to the compound in the evening doing minor surgeries and processing follow-up patients for all different sorts of ailments. The needs seemed to be endless. When we left Tuesday we brought with us 2 orthopedic patients to Port Au Prince that Dr. Combs is making surgery arrangements for. Our Haitian brothers and sisters have been a great source of encouragement to all of us and we pray we have also been a blessing to them

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