Comments Off on March 2012 Construction/Agriculture Trip

I just returned from Haiti on March 22 with a great team. We had 16 men & 2 women coming from Hawaii, Idaho, Washington and all parts of California.

The construction guys fabricated and built trusses out of steel for our compound’s new food storage building and 2 school buildings. They were able to install the trusses on the food storage building which will be complete soon.

We visited the village garden projects HEF launched and were able to make plans to further our agriculture program. Several on our team were able to improve our aquaponics and fish project, increasing our potential fish harvest. Our team also expanded and built a new shade area in our garden, with the potential of increasing our garden production.

HEF currently has 2 new school buildings under construction with over 500 village children anxiously waiting to move into their new school!

We took delivery of over 20 tons of food for the school feeding program. We also made improvements to our compound power and water system.

I want to say “thank you” to our ‘A Team’ men & women – what an INCREDIBLE team.
-Kevin Bither