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In early May 2011, a small team from the San Francisco Bay Area arrived at the compound with a daunting task before them: construct, assemble, and install roofs on four different schools in only seven days. Without question, success would only come from not just the blessing, but the clear intervention of the Lord in central Haiti. If the weather turned bad, even for just one day, there was no chance that all four roofs would be erected.

If equipment failed, a team member fell ill, or if any one of a million variables went wrong, the team would leave Haiti with unfinished business. And yet, the Lord was faithful, as He went before the team to hold back the rain and the pour out his grace and blessing on the trip, and against some very big odds, all four roofs were installed with a day to spare! Glory be to the Lord!

In the evenings, the team would go on prayer walks, praying for families who lived near the HEF compound and handing out bags of rice and beans. Although there are so many stories and so many people to thank for such an incredible trip, four people in particular come to mind.

First, the team would like to thank Mr. Klaus Langauer, Chief of Security for the United Nations, Central Haiti. Mr. Langauer extended his warmth and hospitality to the team, and his love for the people of Haiti is evident and incredible.

Second, the team would like to thank Pastor Illiobert and Marie. They were kind enough to share several meals with the team, host the team during a Sunday service, and provide a tour of their primary school in Hinche. Although the compound is 4,000 miles from the Bay Area, Pastor Illiobert and Marie go out of their way to make Hinche feel like home.

Finally, the team would like to thank Valarie, not just for being a wonderful man and father to several beautiful young girls, but also for knocking mangos out of the trees with incredible marksmanship.

Although just a stones throw from the United States, Haiti can sometimes seem like it is on the other side of the world. Yet, the Lord is just as alive in Haiti as He is anywhere else in the world. Praise Him for what He has, what He is, and what He will do in Haiti!

Bethel Christian Church, San Francisco

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