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This May we just completed our Pastors Conference in Hinche Haiti. 32 pastors were in attendance from the upper plateau. Chaplain Steve Wimberley and myself had the privilege to teach the sessions. We were able to cover both 1st and 2nd Peter.

Our style that we have found most productive, is to teach for 45 minutes to an hour, and then open it up for questions regarding the topic just taught. This enables us to see if the material we covered was understood. They always have such wonderful questions. I learn much from these pastors who do not have very many resources accept “the Holy Spirit”! What else do you need?

These men (most uneducated past primary and secondary school) have a tremendous knowledge and grasp of the word of God. There are however, a few that have Bible College degrees, who always add very helpful explanations when we get in a “translational bind” and are able to explain it well for us. I so appreciate the opportunity to come alongside these fine men of God. I love them and hope to be one day like them.

Pastor Brian Bell, Calvary Murrieta

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