Women’s Learning Center

In Haiti, young mothers do anything they can to provide for their families, however, many are never educated or trained in a trade that gives them the ability to perform a task or skill that would help them earn an income. Haiti Endowment Fund is launching our first Women’s Learning Center to serve as a training center for women and single mothers. The women attending will learn trades like sewing, embroidery, crocheting, cooking and other useful skills that will help them make a living for their families.

At times I wake up, and all I do is sing or cry. When I cry, the baby cries and it makes me cry more. But each day there’s really nothing for me to do here.

– Ridlan Duvalier, single mom living in Haiti

You can get involved.

We want to create a center that gives Haitian women the opportunity to thrive.  Any gift would be appreciated and applied directly toward the project cost.  Here are some of the expenses for the Women’s Learning Center: