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About HEF

Our Story

In the early 1980’s Pastor Harold Bither attended a Missions Convention and learned of the hardship and extreme needs of the Haitian people. After accepting an invitation to visit Haiti, Pastor Bither & Natalie were confronted with the hopelessness of these people and moved with compassion. It was at this time that God gave them a vision of what He was calling them to do.

God helped them see beyond the sickness, starvation and poverty; to see the peoples’ spiritual hopelessness and needs. Darkened by hundreds of years of voodoo and dictators, the Haitian people need hope, and that hope is Jesus Christ. God has called Haiti Endowment Fund to do this by showing His unconditional love through his Word, and by helping to meet the spiritual and physical needs of these hurting people.

Haiti Endowment Fund does this by raising up and training local Haitian pastors and assisting them in planting churches in remote villages. We use the village churches to launch our projects which include building a school and incorporating a feeding program, meeting the medical needs of the people in the village, providing clean drinking water by drilling a well, and then adding an agriculture project.

About HEF: About Us
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