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Wells and Cisterns

When Haiti Endowment was started over thirty-five years ago, we realized that one of the major problems facing the people of Hinche, and the surrounding villages, was the lack of clean drinking water. Most of the people in this area obtain their water from the rivers and streams. This water is highly contaminated, and is the cause of many health problems plaguing the Haitian people today.

Less than forty-five percent of all Haitians have access to clean, potable water. Because of the basic and vital need for clean water, Haiti Endowment started a well drilling project in 2000. It is our goal to provide clean, safe drinking water at each of our school and church sites. We have had great success where new wells and cisterns have been added and this has greatly helped the people of those villages. As a direct clean drinking water, our medical teams have noticed a marked decline in water-borne illnesses.

To date, Haiti Endowment has drilled many wells and provided several 35,000 gallon water cisterns in the Central Plateau area of Haiti. Each well or cistern cost about $8,000.

Haiti Endowment has thirteen schools and sixteen churches, and several of these sites are still lacking a well. Many of the women from these villages must walk for several hours to the stream or river and carry the contaminated water back to their huts. This is their only source of water. The addition of water wells in these villages is essential to the health and well-being of the Haitians. When HEF is able to provide a well, we then target that village for an agriculture project. Fresh water is truly a life-giving gift to these Haitian people.

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