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God has used the church to be the foundation for all Haiti Endowment’s outreach ministries in the Central Plateau.

God’s call has been very precise and basic – to preach, teach and equip. Under the leadership of Pastor Iliobert, Senior Pastor of The Maranatha Churches, we have seen the fruit of this calling.

Our church plants start with a small group of people who meet under a brush arbor covering with the leadership of church pastors and deacons. Once the fellowship begins to grow and become an established church, we begin the process of building a church structure and eventually a school.

Jesus gave us His plan in Matthew 28. His Word shows us how to build HIS church, with His favor. The church is people, not a structure! Our priority has always been to first meet the needs of people, both physically and spiritually.

Our labor in Haiti began over thirty-five years ago. After laboring in faith and sowing seeds of God’s Word and love, we have witnessed a great harvest! Haiti Endowment has established seventeen new church fellowships, each with a church structure and thirteen of our churches include a school.