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God has miraculously provided the funds and workers for these projects. Each new church costs about $30,000 to complete. The labor to build a church is intense and time-consuming. In remote areas concrete blocks are made on-site, one block at a time. All the sand and water must be carried in from the nearest stream or river. All of our construction projects are Haitian ran with mostly Haitian labor.

The metal trusses and roofing materials are fabricated and welded on the Hinche compound. The completed trusses are then stacked and delivered to the church or school building under construction.

When each new church building has been completed, it will soon double as the only school available to the children of the area. HEF has started building new school buildings in the remote village areas. We build the schools in 5 to 7 classroom modules. Each module costs approximately $15,000.

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