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Our medical ministry is one more area where God has worked miracles. This ministry has grown and benefited thousands of Haitians because of the dedication and generosity of so many individuals in the medical field. God has given us doctors, dentists, eye doctors, RN’s, and support personnel. They have all given of their time and God-given talents. 

Each year HEF provides multiple medical mission trips to our clinic in Hinche and surrounding villages.  Haiti Endowment’s clinic facility and equipment has enabled our doctors to treat many common conditions found in a third-world country and perform minor procedures. The staff will treat several hundred patients during a 7-day medical trip.

It is a humbling experience to drive up to a remote village and see hundreds of sick and hurting people, young and old, many of them whole families, waiting to receive medical care. Most of them have never seen a doctor before. These medical mission trips have changed the lives and eased the suffering of thousands and thousands of Haitians.

We have witnessed how God has used this ministry to soften hearts, break down prejudice and open the way to preach the Gospel. Many have accepted Christ and are now serving Him as their Lord and Savior. We have also seen significant improvement in the overall health of the people in the villages where we have our mobile clinics. Many of our village pastors have told us that they are seeing fewer deaths as a direct result of receiving regular medical intervention through our mobile clinics.

God has made all this possible and has profoundly influenced the hearts of many professional people who have freely labored so tirelessly in Christ’s love. Nevertheless, the cost of providing the necessary supplies and medicines is a constant challenge. Medical supplies are expensive and there is no insurance company to bill for medical services. We need your help to care for the thousands of patients who are seeking medical attention during our medical mission trips.

H.E.F. would like to extend a special thanks to Walt Combs, M.D. who gave selflessly to the people of Haiti leading the Medical Ministry for many years. We could not have the success we have in this field without your heart and dedication to the people of Haiti.

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H.E.F. provides ongoing medical care and surgeries for those in need, over the years hundreds of lives have been changed forever.

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